For not just evil, we all possess unkempt motive

Equal the gracious will sail an afflicted, damaged ship

A conscious man prevailing captain will ride amongst the black eels

with his only friend, self-admiration

He will call upon his crew,

Enlighten then deceive them

Nourish until he has reaches his intimate paragon

where he will abandon all

isolating only one, who he has always planned to defend,


Unloved hurts

It hurts.

Numb face, Racing body.

I’m stuffed with cotton insides.

Even in my teeth like rotten candy.

A sugar rush of execution.

I come to him cloaked in sweet illusion.

Bound by an unmasking of my painted deception,

I break my reflection to prolong confessing.

An imitation of death to my solitary love affair.

An invitation I cannot accept nor will I tolerate an end.

I’ll swallow his tongue before I surrender.

Pathetic and helpless. Obese by obsession.

Broken heart. I let.

It hurts but I let him.

Green-Eyed Danger

Troubled friend you wear a raw selfish

Under the sea of a beastly jealous

No higher risk known before envy

It digs a black hole so heavy

I’ve witnessed your reactions

Of invidious passion

Supposing you not the main attraction

You poison her with destructive satisfaction

What an unattractive face you wear

While you delight in greedy love affairs

Even hurt the ones who care

Bitter taste of mistrust I declare

Unpleasantly crossing the line of despair

Be cheerful inside your eyes are green

Satan replaces your heart unclean

Be constant in idolizing your own figurine

A monster imposter dressed up like a queen

No Carino

Regularity strikes when expecting extravagance,

disappointment is appointed on days such as this

but insanity creeps up on planned nothingness

moments you are touched by hands unknown,


when your heart drops or the time stops,

the clock runs out when opportunity knocks.

Ordinarily too afraid to open this door

but you open it tonight.


Cold air rushes through and the forbidden feels like dancing.

If the other only knew yet attempting explanation is ineffective.

Realization that the words to explain sound dramatic

and the change is expensive


The smile you wear has nothing to do

with being happy or satisfied.

Your heart is laughing at your mind for trying to reason.

You smile for a meaningless person

provides something to believe in.


I can’t wait to never see you again

my meaningless unexpected friend.

Occurrence is strange when it’s meant to be hidden,

love has no substance if love is forbidden.

Days with a chance are days he'll forget.

The writings today, I owe to this friend.


Fascinating Prison

A fascinating prison

this has been predicted

It was written.

A storm of starvation

Prisoners have created

Perverse thoughts, Greedy lies

Wrongful encounters with alibis

When we leave this prison and face our sin

Will the judge let us out?

Will He let us in?

Or will the filthy bars of this jail close in

When I’m called on by the guard of death

My eyes will burn from the light ahead

For I have been in the darkness for so many days

On my knees I will weep and cry for His grace

I will look up and see His face

And know that I am finally safe.

My American Dream

Red, White, and Blue? All I see is Green.

Each member of society defining

an illusion termed American Dream.

We reform, amend, lie, deny, betray, kill, torture


Seeking money and power, I suppose.

Americans tend to be one of two things:

Lazy, Greedy, or both.

In most cases, based on observation

Lazy are led to consider themselves entitled

Entitled to freedom, you ask? No.

They deem to be entitled to free.

free food, free phone, free school, free home,

free healthcare, free checks

Land of the free so what’s free next?

Greed ensures

that what he achieves will never be enough.

He steals quite cleverly,

distributes hastily,

doubles what he made last year,

yet still remains unhappy.

I want to be proud of this nation!

Show patriotism and love where I am.

but that would that mean

I was ignorant, uninformed, one of them.

Where have all the righteous men gone?

Where are those who fight and complete?

Where are all the hard-working, honest,

happy human beings?

Smothered by the Lazy, broken by Greed.

They are gone.

Forever lost

    in My American Dream.